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White Portland cement is a white hydraulic binder made from crushed off-white clinker that is obtained from a mixture of clay with certain properties and limestone together with gypsum in accordance with TS 21.

This product, also known as WPC 52.5 R / 85, satisfies all requirements for type and class CEM I 52.5R in accordance with standard EN-197-1 Super-white CEM I 52.5 R

2 day compressive strengthMПаMinimum 30,0
28 day compressive strengthМПаMinimum 52,5
Initial setting timeminutesMinimum 45
Extensibility (extensibility)mmMaximum 10
Specific surface areacm2 / g
SO3%Maximum 4,0
Chloride%Maximum 0,10
Loss on ignition%Maximum 5,0
Insoluble residue%Maximum 5,0
Whiteness%Minimum 85

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